Bretec Enhances Breaker Range

Sandvik Construction has unveiled its mid segment hydraulic breaker brand Bretec’s two latest models that set new standards in performance and reliability.

Sandvik owned brand Bretec introduces two new C-Series models – the M17C and L20C – that incorporate a number of new features and updates over the M17 and L20 models they replace.

Designed for carriers in the 15 to 23 tons and 20 to 29 tons operating weight class respectively, the M17C and L20C models boast operating weights of 1,240 and 1,650 kg respectively. Impact rates range from 280 to 760 blows/minute on the Bretec M17C and from 390 to 700 blows / minute on the L20C unit.

In addition to enhanced performance, the two new models incorporate a wealth of new features for greater reliability and durability and reduced owning and operating costs. These features include:

  • Round Retaining Pins – Deliver extended life for lower owning and operating costs
  • New Tool Retaining System – Permits faster tool changes for reduced downtime
  • Improved Tool Seal – Protects tool, bushings and retaining pins for lower owning and operating costs
  • Dust-Protected Housing – Prevents dust ingress for reduced wear and helps reduce noise levels
  • Idle Blow Protection – Eliminates tie rod stress and oil overheating to protect against premature failure
  • Automatic Greasing – Auto lubrication now available as an option for greater tool protection

In addition to these new features, the M17C and L20C benefit from the addition of durable hydraulic hoses as standard; a high pressure accumulator that protects against pressure peaks; improved gas sealing for extended service intervals; and an improved and self-adjusting pressure control valve to eliminate oil spillages.

The new improved Bretec models join a product range that now includes 10 models that are suitable for carriers in the 1.2 to 40 tons operating weight class. Bretec breakers are sold and supported by a global network of dedicated and highly experienced dealers and distributors.